Thursday, January 13, 2011


Salam, after some discussion in facebook, I was told to go on deeper with the economics issues related to the Opium War(perang candu) or we call as AHEN SENSOU(阿片戦争) in Japanese language. It touched me inside how the circulation brings a very big impact economically. I won't touch more on the movement of the Opium War but more on what value can we take from this WAR.. Before the agreement made between three countries, as usual British and China did well in importing as well as exporting their goods. British with her wool-made products and China with her tea; amusingly ranked for a great fond in British men. I see immaculately impact on what's happening now, just switch on the TV and you'll see how ancient Chinese drama brings up your interest in their drinks' culture. It went on so well till British got an idea how to regain the money they've invested with a great amount to China. It ruined all the circulation when first time British used her colonized country, India in disturbing the circulation with a smooth method.. What you think of?

         British had led India to ran a very strategic method by doing a import-export trading with China and in the same with British as well. India started her trading with the first-killer enemy in Malaysia, which was OPIUM. China became so addicted to this things and finally made herself importing with a great scale. The money passed to China from British reverted back to British in a wink of eyes. I love and hate these strategies and method respectively.. How you think is what you are.. British has shown how the strategics method would the invested money back BUT it's a suffer for China.. The addiction to Opium has brought China to kept importing opium from India and as usual the goods from India being imported by British ... That was so cool if you slowly think.. PEOPLE CAN MANIPULATE ECONOMICS with just creating a system.. That's why Adam Smith said that the bubble graph of economics is controlled by a cannot-be-seen hand which is God's hand. You just bring a pencil, make a sketch and do the plan.. That's the only way how econs being manipulated. I can just say economics is about speculation.. No matter how far it runs, people can manipulate it just by speculation..

           And this what had happened in Opium war. The speculation made by British ruined up China and as well as India.


Economics student of
Teikyou University ,
hachiouji campus


  1. Salam.

    Perang candu. I just read from some sources.

    Perangsangan ekonomi berdasarkan ketagihan, dan berlaku perebutan perdagangan antara dua kuasa ini.